About OM Yogassage.


OM Yogassage classes and workshops was created by Cindy after ten years of teaching yoga and offering healing bodywork and massage sessions. OM Yogassage is a unique blend of yoga, massage, Thai massage, somatics, meditation and breath work. In an OM Yogassage class you will be guided into yoga poses and gentle motions that massage your body. In an OM Yogassage couples workshop, the giver gently places the receiver in yoga-like poses for a deep stretch and deep breaths. OM Yogassage can be offered almost anywhere with no equipment required. The OM Yogassage proprietary sequence aims to maximize the benefits of yoga and massage all in one session!

No prior Yoga or massage experience required. OM Yogassage is yoga for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. It is recommended for anyone as long as they can maintain a kneeling or lunging position for a few minutes at a time.  In an OM Yogassage class you will learn to self-massage and connect deeper with your body. In an OM Yogassage couples workshop you will learn to stretch and massage your partner and help them heal from chronic pain and feel better over all.

OM Yogassage offers the benefits of massage, the stretching and breathing of a yoga class and the energetic balancing of the body all in one session.


In our OM Yogassage Workshops you will learn how to give and receive therapeutic and healing yoga stretches combined with massage techniques in a safe and warm environment. Your facilitator will guide you and your partner gently in and out of stretches that will have both of you feeling relaxed, energized and connected.